Cinda Miranda is a portuguese photographer from Porto, who has lived in Vienna, Austria and actually is based in Lima, Peru. 
Photography is her highest and central interest in life.
In 2009 she becomes a professional photographer covering different events such as show business, rock festivals and concerts, personal books, cd covers and, above all, documentary photography.
In 2010 Cinda starts to work with some national and international organizations (namely NGO's) and media communication enterprises seeing her work published in different supports like Jornal de Noticias, Focus Social Magazine, Impulso Positivo Magazine, Time Out Porto and VIVA Magazine.
If we want to shortly describe Cinda Miranda's work we can say it fits comfortably into the New York School of Photography, which is characterized as achieving a combination of toughness and romanticism. It is located between the poles of social documentary, a tendency where photography is also a vehicle for social change and refined photojournalism.
Her artistic work has been exhibited in several galleries and museums in her country. People has always been the protagonist of her photography within natural environments and also surreal situations. 
Her powerful portraits are the result of the constant trips that Cinda has made throughout the world, encountering customs and cultures of different kinds, which have allowed her to deepen her vision of reality and transport it to her work in a genuine way, that has become her trademark. 
It also project Cinda's powerful landscape photos, product of her peculiar look to everything that surrounds her, encompassing and segmenting spaces and structures through her prodigious lens. In addition, her innate talent capturing everyday images of passersby in the streets, immersed in their realities, typical of each city that Cinda has stepped on, has made her documentary photography a wonderful and moving graphic register that reflects her enormous sensitivity.

Individual Exhibitions
2012 - "juízo final" - Museu de Portimão - Portimão 
2012 - "juízo final" - A Moagem - Cidade do Engenho e das Artes - Fundão
2011 - "nas ENTRANHAS do NÃO SER" - Funchal - The biggest photographic exhibition of the world" 
2011 - "nas ENTRANHAS do NÃO SER" - Lisbon - The biggest photographic exhibition of the world" 
2011 - "Memórias no Futuro" - Casino Figueira - Figueira da Foz
2010 - "viver todos os dias cansa" - Centro Nacional da Cultura - Lisbon

Collective Exhibitions
2012 - "Europe Needs a New Heart" - EAPN (European Anti-Poverty Network) - Social Platform - Brussels - Belgium
2011 - "Europe Needs a New Heart" - Portuguese Nacional Anti-Poverty Network (EAPN Portugal - Rede Europeia Anti-Pobreza) - ISPA (Instituto Superior de Psicologia Aplicada)
2010 - "SOLITUDE" - Plano B Bar - Porto
2010 - "O CHIADO TEM" - The biggest photographic exhibition of the world - Lisbon

Curator of the Exhibition 
2011 - "Europe Needs a New Heart" - ISPA (Instituto Superior de Psicologia Aplicada) - Lisbon

2012 - FOTOGRAFIA TOTAL - TV Photography Program
2014 - FOTOGRAFIA TOTAL - TV Photography Program